Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Some thoughts on the turn sequence

A new entry on our Wargaming Mechanics blog:


If you missed out on the previous posts, be sure to check them out!

A quick paint job

I managed some time today to finish some figures I started several months ago.

The firsr are 3 Oldhammer militia figures. These are late eighties GW figures. I used painted shields I still had lying around.

Next are 5 "blue worms", Ainsty figures I acquired last year at CRISIS.

Monday, 17 July 2017

"Fast play rules" again?

Just a quick rant:

I recently saw an advert for a new set of rules: "Fast Play Rules for the <insert period here>".

It reminded me of notorious rulesets of the past that were also labeled as "Fast Play Rules". Just do a Google search on "fast play wargaming rules", and you get a whole series of results.

Now, according the the designer, the rules might actually be fast to play. But that's as seen from his point of view. Other players might not think the rules are fast at all, and might consider them a terribly slow and painful exercise. Actually, the whole adjective of "fast play" is meaningless, if you lack a common fame of reference.

Would any ruleset ever advertise itself as "Slow and tedious rules for ... "? Sure they are all fast play? Or do some wargame designers specifically aim for slow play?

It also reminds me of academic papers that list the advantages of certain algorithms (I am a computer scientist working in academics, so I know a thing or two about academic publishing). The adjectives are hyped up with each consecutive paper: "fast" , "really fast", "extremely fast" - or in the case of computer graphics "interactive" or "real time". In most cases - unless actual timings are given on specific machines - meaningless.

And on another note: I managed to clean up my painting desk a bit, so I might actually get some painting done during the next couple of weeks after a hiatus of several months.

Sunday, 25 June 2017

I want my mojo back!

I just counted the miniature wargaming games we played since January. Exactly one! Shame on us!

Now, there are more important things in life than playing games, but still, it's a bit of a sad affair. There is of a course a good explanation. In our gaming group, there are 2 of us that host the games at their houses. If these 2 persons simultaneously experience some kind of slump due to real life, job pressure, a slight lack of motivation, ... then things start falling apart quite rapidly.

Also on the painting desk things have grinded to a halt. The figures sitting there right now have been undercoated the week after Crisis in november. Since then, no action whatsoever.

However, I have to admit I did write a few things for the Wargaming Mechanics blog.

I am not panicking. Not yet. But clutter starts to pile up on the gaming table as well as the painting desk, and that makes it hard to get things moving again. It's a sort of psychological barrier that becomes harder and harder to overcome.

Perhaps the upcoming summer months will bring some fresh mojo!

Sunday, 21 May 2017

Magazine Index now contains 3600 article entries

Almost 2 years ago I started the Wargames Magazine Index.

So far, each magazine had its own tab in the overall data sheet, but a few week ago, I added a compiled list (all entries in one big sheet), which greatly facilitates searching. This single sheet is updated automatically once every week.

Currently, this are the number of articles entries, counted by magazine. Multi-part articles usually have a single entry.

wargamesillustrated 1711
miniaturewargames 422
practicalwargamer 372
miniaturewargames w battlegames 272
wss 236
battlegames 232
wargannual 163
wargamesworld 56
vae victis thématiques 40
classicwj 38
secrets of wargame design 25
wargamersnotes 12
wargamesjournal 8

Visualized in a pie chart: